David Price will stay in Boston, won't opt-out

David Price will stay in Boston, won't opt-out

Do your best shocked face--because one won't come naturally here.

David Price made HUGE announcement on Wednesday morning in terms of his contract. It turns out, he will not be opting out of the deal. Shocker. And yes, that is sarcasm. There was never any threat of him opting out because the money is just too good.

Price is in the middle of a seven-year $217 million contract. He is the highest paid player in Red Sox history. He is making $31 million per season. He also hasn't been the David Price he was earlier in his career (despite stepping it up big time in the postseason--which was great).

Regardless, Price is 33 years old and has four years and $124 million left on that contract. That's an insane amount of money. He also is getting older, so one has to wonder just how well he will be pitching when he is 37 years old. That said, if one were to wager, he probably would not have received as big of a contract had he opted out of this one.

And honestly, it's OK. The best case scenario of the deal would've been three dominant seasons from Price and then him opting out and getting a bigger and better deal elsewhere because he was worth more money. However, the guy stepped up his game in the postseason and just helped the Red Sox win a World Series, so that's not bad either.

Price will be atop the Red Sox rotation yet again alongside ace Chris Sale in addition to Rick Porcello and Eduardo Rodriguez. The No. 5 starter could be Steven Wright, Brian Johnson, Nathan Eovaldi or maybe even Drew Pomeranz. I don't know yet. We shall see. What we do know is that Price's confidence must be high--and that's wonderful.

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