David Price and Steve Pearce ran for office on Tuesday

David Price and Steve Pearce ran for office on Tuesday

The World Series MVP and the guy who should've been the co World Series MVP are having quite the offseason, it seems.

That's right: we're talking about Steve Pearce and David Price. You might know them from their performances in the 2018 World Series where Pearce whacked the heck out of the ball and Price was a dominant ace, but you might not have known what they do on their own time. Apparently, the two of them ran for political office this week--and we're only half joking here.

U.S. Rep Steve Pearce ran for governor of New Mexico and was not elected this week. The Republican got around 42 percent of the vote which means he is no longer in congress either.



That's a shame. However, there is some good news out there for Red Sox fans. His colleague, David Price (no, we're not making this up, there is legitimately also a David Price in the House of Representatives right now) won his re-election bid in North Carolina's fourth congressional district; the Democrat got like 72 percent of the vote which is probably what Pearce would've got if he were running in Mass after the World Series he had. He would've been like Dunkin Donuts level popular here, I bet.



So no, these are not the actual Red Sox guys, but they have the same names as them--and it's more than one of them which is nuts.

However, this does beg another question: out of anyone that's played for the Red Sox in recent memory, who would be the best man for office? We'll leave that one up for you to decide. As long as we can agree it's not Ugueth Urbina, that's what matters; things would get too violent too quick with that guy at the helm.

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