David Pastrnak suffers "freak" injury

David Pastrnak suffers "freak" injury

Sometimes, there are injuries in sports that really just don't make all that much sense because of the way they happen. They are unfortunate but at the same time, you just don't expect them to happen to pro athletes.

This was the case with David Pastrnak this week. The Bruins forward suffered a freak injury, as the kids are saying, falling and breaking his thumb at a team dinner Sunday night--and now he is out for at least two weeks.

It is terrible news for the Bruins. We can hope that he gets well soon not only because you want to see your fellow human beings doing well, but also because of his connection to the Bruins.

Pastrnak is working on another phenomenal season this year. Through 56 games, he had scored 66 points (31 goals, 35 assists). Obviously, this makes him the Bruins high scorer--which is pretty good.

These kinds of accidental injuries do happen. Certainly, some people must remember when Clay Buchholz, of Boston Red Sox fame, hurt himself while sleeping, right? Not really sure how that happens and don't want to find out, but that's got to be rough.

At least it's fair to say this is not the worst kind of injury. There is one genre that is worse: the temper tantrum injury. You know, the kind of injury Carson Smith got last year when he threw his glove and separated his shoulder or the kind Ryan Sweeney got when he punched his hand and broke the wall. Accidents happen, but stuff like those two are completely avoidable.

Just three points separate the Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens in the standings--so the injury came at a bad time. Let's hope the Bruins can somehow hang on or the Canadiens just have a few close losses over the next couple weeks.

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