David Pastrnak makes controversial Hart Trophy prediction

David Pastrnak makes controversial Hart Trophy prediction

OK, so some fans of the Boston Bruins probably are not going to be so happy with this one.

You know that really good player for the Bruins: forward David Pastrnak? Well, he revealed who he thinks will get the Hart Trophy, the NHL's equivalent of the MVP Award.

No, he did not pick himself. That would've been a bold pick and one Bruins fans would be really excited about. No, he picked Auston Matthews -- someone who is not Pastrnak. That's a little upsetting, honestly, because he is basically saying that there is someone out there who is better than him. Here is what he told NESN on the situation.

"The biggest thing is for him to be healthy ...  Last season he was better in the playoffs than the yr before in the playoffs. That shows (he's) moving forward. He's an unbelievable player."

Set to turn 22 in September, it's no secret Matthews has a great deal of talent. the Toronto Maple Leafs forward enjoyed great success last season, putting up 73 points (36 goals, 37 assists) in 68 games. Honestly, he is probably due for a breakout year if he can stay fully healthy.

However, Pastrnak was a more productive player last season and played in fewer games, so that's why he seems like a good pick as well. The guy put up 81 points in 66 games, scoring 38 goals and dishing out 43 assists.



This could be Pastrnak's way of being humble and if it is, then good for him. That means he's probably a pretty nice guy or he just doesn't want to be seen as arrogant or something.

Regardless, the prediction has been made and if he is wrong, Old Takes Exposed will have to expose him for his bad take. That's just the way it works these days, no exceptions.



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