David Ortiz weighs in on deflategate

It says David Ortiz weighs in on deflategate. But title could also say: the best hitter in Major League Baseball (highest OPS) lays down the law deflategate.

Apparently, Ortiz supports the Pats on this one. Here’s what the big man said:

“I think it’s stupid,” he told Sports Illustrated (like anyone reads that anymore). “Put it this way: You’re talking about the one player that everybody wants to watch play. We’re not just talking about any player. We’re talking about Tom Brady. If I turn on the TV on Sunday to watch a Patriots game and I know that Tom Brady is not playing, I would turn off the TV. I don’t want to watch that game.”

Obama out

Well, Ortiz told the world how he really feels. That’s good enough for starters. Definitely a lot to take from such a short statement though.

For starters, Ortiz does not seem to be a fan of the whole scandal. He does not see why Brady was suspended, just like the rest of Patriots nation.

But to say he would not watch the Patriots without Brady playing is where this becomes a little fuzzy. Even if it is true, it’s kind of a dis to Jimmy G. He probably was not thinking about it that way but man, get Jimmy some ice for that burn.

Ortiz clearly knows football though. He can spot greatness in other sports whereas some guys might just be apathetic. He knows Tom Brady is a great quarterback. Big Papi knows what’s up.

In case you forgot, Curt Schilling also weighed in on this issue back in April and said he thought Curt Schilling was “out to defame Brady“. Say what you will, depending on where you stand politically, about Curt. But he seems to have an understanding of this situation too.

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