David Ortiz finally getting the recognition he deserves

The Red Sox are retiring David Ortiz’ number. OK. Great. No one will ever wear 34 again. But seriously, that’s not everything.

Sure, having his number up at Fenway is pretty cool, but the Red Sox went a step further–as they should. The extension of Yawkey Way is being renamed David Ortiz Drive, according to the Associated Press. Get it? Because he drove in a lot of runs.

This move makes a lot of sense. Not only is he the most important player in franchise history (didn’t say best (don’t wanna have the Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, Ted Williams debate), but he did help them to three World Series rings in a decade), but he was a good character guy from all accounts. Plus, let’s be honest, a street extension isn’t the same street, so it should have a different name.

If we really want to dive into it, then they really should’ve just named Yawkey Way entirely after him. Or made a David Ortiz Drive for the extension and Papi Way for Yawkey Way. The Yawkeys have kind of a dark past but on top of that, what did the Red Sox ever do in their reign over the team? They weren’t perennial contenders or even contenders all that much despite there being fewer teams in the league back then.

Last year, they renamed the land bridge that Jesus Guy (not Johnny Damon, the guy with the fliers) stands on “David Ortiz Bridge”, so this is not the only thing named after him in the area. Honestly, I would’ve just named the bridge after that guy. Or maybe Bobby Valentine bridge year bridge, because 2012 was a bridge year between Terry Francona and John Farrell.

Regardless, there’s gonna be an Ortiz street, so maybe he’ll come visit more often. Haven’t seen much of him this year.

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