Dave Dombrowski is Dave DombrOUTski

Dave Dombrowski is Dave DombrOUTski

It's about time this happened.

Dave Dombrowski is not only down, but he is out as the Red Sox President of Baseball Operations. Can we get a Halleluiah?

The Red Sox went from winning 108 games and a World Series last year to missing out on the playoffs this season (presumably because as of Wednesday this week, they still had a 0.1 percent chance of making the playoffs this season -- so it's not impossible).

Anyhow, the team announced it on Sunday night after the Patriots won and the following day, there was no formal press conference held. Instead, they made Alex Cora handle all of the questions at a press conference -- for some reason. It was really weird but on the bright side for Cora, he's not getting fired.

Anyways: so Dombrowski didn't do enough to address the team's holes prior to the season. The only addition to the team really was Colten Brewer, who had pitched in less than a dozen MLB games prior to this season. It was a nice find, but not exactly the kind of move which addressed the lack of starting pitching depth or the lack of a closer on the roster prior to the year.

During the season, he didn't do much either. Sure, Andrew Cashner is a member of the Red Sox now, but look at how that went. He got moved to the bullpen because he kept getting rocked in all of his starts. Truly not good stuff from him.

Now did Dombrowski make some good moves? Yes. He helped the team win the World Series in 2018. But that was last year. Now the Red Sox need to figure out who will lead them to victory in 2020. It's good they are out on the market before everyone else. Smart thinking indeed by this team.

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