Danny Ainge essentially says Celtics didn't play as a team last year

Danny Ainge essentially says Celtics didn't play as a team last year

Danny Ainge dropped a truth bomb in a recent interview about last season's Boston Celtics team that probably won't shock a lot of people.

It might be a shock that he came out and said what he said, but the content of what he is saying will have you not the least bit surprised.

Ainge essentially admitted on a recent podcast with Michael Holley that the team wasn't really playing as a team last season.

"Anyway, but that was a real awakening to me…just the perspective of guys. And then how certain guys thought they were going to be All-Stars this year and they work hard all summer to reach these individual goals, but we just had too many individual goals. We didn’t have enough guys that winning was the most important thing. And when you have 21- and 22-year-old kids, that’s going to happen. So, I like them and I understand where every player is."



We repeat: "individual goals".

That's not a good sign, but I guess the saving grace here is that he says it happens when a team has some young players. A lot of these young players haven't been in a situation where they weren't the superstar of their team, so that has to be a bit of an adjustment for them, if we're being frank here.

I'm sure a lot of fans were waiting for Ainge to rip Kyrie Irving, but that's probably not going to happen in the way fans wish because Ainge still has to trade for guys and sign free agents in the future. He is going to need guys to want to come play in Boston and talking like that would not help his case.



However, the honesty from him is refreshing and much needed these days as the team undergoes some changes headed into this season.


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