Cool it with the Tom Brady conspiracies

Cool it with the Tom Brady conspiracies

Look, I like a good conspiracy every now and then--but nothing harmful and nothing that's a blatant lie about the New England Patriots.

Pretty much, you don't want to see the news making stuff up about Tom Brady--which is pretty much what we've seen all this week--and it's not cool.

If you're out of the loop on this one, allow us to fill you in. So most importantly, there's been some unsubstantiated claims going around that Brady might not play in the league this season. What? That's just absurd. He clearly said two more Super Bowls was the deal between him and his wife, who is more famous than he is across the globe. He played in one Super Bowl since then, so he has at least one more left in him (especially since we don't know if he meant Super Bowl wins or not).

I really think the media just gets bored in the offseason and they report on other people's reports. Many of them might actually think it's true and they might even have sources telling them stuff. But let's be honest, it's hard to trust unnamed sources in this era. All I know is from journalism school that's frowned upon. And look, it doesn't take all of that money to figure out the flaws with sources who hide their identity.

Oh, and then there was the idea that Tom Brady could be the bagman who allegedly threatened an adult actress who is said to have an affair with the President. Some people thought a drawing of a person who supposedly threatened this woman looked like Brady. In reality though, it looked like the most generic white guy imaginable. You know, the one with the brown hair who is right-handed.

Tom Brady will be back this year and he's not going around threatening X-rated actresses. That's pretty much guaranteed. 

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