Conquer The World’s Longest Mini Golf Hole At This New Hampshire Course

When I think of a New England Summer, I picture day-trips to the Cape, Dunk’s iced coffee, and of course, mini golf! Having already putt-putted my way across Massachusetts, I was surprised to find out that the World’s Longest Miniature Golf Hole was located just one state over in Chichester, New Hampshire!

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Chuckster’s Family Fun Park is a massive amusement center that offers Go-Karts, a climbing wall, batting cages, bumper boats, and much, much more!

Today is the perfect day to try out our brand new Kiddie Bumper Boats!

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But it’s the world famous miniature golf course that really draws the crowds!

Chuckster's hosted a charity tournament this morning! 90+ players showed up today to play golf and raise money for a good cause!

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There’s 12,000 square feet of carpet, 1,000 tons of boulders, 4,600 bricks, 9 streams and ponds, and hundreds of plants and trees beautifully arranged to accent the course.

Plus, Hole #13 at Chuckster’s is the longest miniature golf hole in the world!

It is more than 200 feet long and offers two different ways to score a hole in one.

Scoring that elusive hole in one is easier said than done! Hole #13 sits on a slope and curves sharply to the right. The fairway is packed with water traps and rough patches.

If you aren’t careful, your ball will get caught in a small stream that carries it under a wooden covered bridge before dropping it back onto the green.

Chuckster’s miniature golf course is nearly twice as large as most others. There are no gimicks such as exploding volcanoes, roaring dinosaurs or churning windmills. In their place, the 13 acre course boasts challenging slopes, hills, dips, faux sand traps, and tons of water hazards throughout.

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Once you have exhausted your patience for putt-putt, try a lap around the Go-Kart track on a Chuckcycle – a 3-wheeled peddle bike much like a gigantic Big-Wheel!

Chuckcycle weather today!

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The aerial course includes a zip line, giant trees to climb, a faux rock wall and the “Jumpster” – a bungi-style contraption that allows you to leap 18 feet in the air!

We survived the #alpineadventure at #chucksters – and now I *really* think Chucksters should serve beer!!

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Once you build up an appetite, head over to the snack bar for a hot dog, pretzel, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, fries, chicken wings, personal pizza, or your choice of 36 ice cream flavors!

Chuckster’s Family Fun Park is just an hour and a half drive from Boston and the perfect way to spend the day with your friends and family this summer!


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