Connecticut Is Home To America's Oldest (And Bossiest) Burger Joint

Connecticut Is Home To America's Oldest (And Bossiest) Burger Joint

With 123 years under their belt, Louis' Lunch in downtown New Haven, Connecticut must be doing something right! But as the 4th generation owners will proudly tell you, coddling their customers is definitely not on the menu!

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In fact, if you want to have your burger "your way" they'll advise you to head on down the road to the nearest Burger King!

Louis' Lunch has been featured on countless television programs and is recognized by the Library of Congress as the official Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich.

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With street cred like that, who needs picky customers? The menu consists of two choices: a hamburger or a cheeseburger cooked medium rare - or well done if you tell the chef when you place your order - served on white toast.

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Your sandwich comes topped with tomatoes and onions only and a side of chips or coleslaw. Don't even think about asking for ketchup! 

Hungry for dessert? Louis' has pie and coffee - that's all.

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You can take your meal to go, or enjoy it at the old-timey lunch counter in the restaurant's tiny original building - but not on Sunday or Monday, because they're closed.

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Despite their limited menu and rigid rules against customization, Louis' Lunch is world famous for its classic, juicy burgers and has managed to keep the customers lining up since 1895!



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