Comm Ave Classic going down this weekend

Hockey is a big thing in the northeast.

The Boston Bruins are always a pretty good hockey team, but the region tends to stand out at the lower levels of the game — like high school and college. Specifically, there’s some great college programs in the region.

Today (at 7 pm at Walter Brown Arena), the area will host the annual Comm Ave Classic hockey game which is a big old reminder to us of how darn good New England is at hockey. (This is pretty weird to think about because our area’s MLB, NFL and NBA talent pool is pretty thin).

It’s a game beween Boston College and Boston University alum and the point of it is to raise money for ALS Awareness and the Travis Roy Foundation (which relates to spinal cord injuries). Those are two very worthy charities, so it is great to see money going towards both of them because of the event.

So what kind of dudes can they draw to an event like that, you might ask. Well, it’s a really impressive list that is on the front page of the event’s website page.

In case you didn’t click on the link, here’s what you need to know: Jack Eichel will be there. Charlie McAvoy will be there. Oh, and Jimmy Hayes will be there. What else can you ask for? Uhh.. How about nothing?

Obviously, it’s huge to have quality athletes backing a charitable cause but at the same time, this is also a reminder of how good the college hockey is in New England and the opportunity spectators have to check out some really good future NHL players. Not trying to collude here, but am just throwing out some statements that could sway public opinion, but they might not either. That’s just life though.

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