Claude Julien is talking smack

Claude Julien is talking smack

There’s certain people’s opinions who we take seriously in New England, and then there’s Claude Julien.

Julien got canned last year because the Boston Bruins were underperforming year after year. Sure, there was a Stanley Cup in 2011, but that was seven years ago now. They’re the biggest slacker among the four Boston sports teams, so they had to make the big move to stay relevant. Now, Claude is on the attack.

This week, the Bruins beat his Montreal Canadiens, 2-1, and he was not happy about it. If you didn’t see it, this is what he had to say:

“I think it’s pretty obvious. When your best shooter is on a breakaway and doesn’t get a shot away, I think everybody agrees that it should have been a penalty shot,” Julien, talking about first period slashing minor penalty on Sean Kuraly to kill a Canadiens power play chance. “What’s embarrassing is [Rick] Nash embellishing [a high-sticking call]. The stick hits his shoulder, it doesn’t even hit his face and he embellishes and looks at the referee…"

“Those are embarrassing things in the game of hockey. We’re a tired team and we have to kill penalties, and it eventually caught up to us. That’s disappointing that when we had some of those things happen, or another penalty that’s called five seconds later because we end up on a two-on-one. As I said, we evaluate ourselves and we expect others to evaluate themselves as well.”


I don’t know where to begin on this guy. How about with the fact that his team lost and the Bruins won? The Canadiens are 25-30-11 this season. They are a well below-average NHL team. Julien should be worried about his team not getting whooped more often than not.

Maybe there was some dirty plays. But hey, you know what? There’s penalties in hockey. You have every right to commit penalties and use the rules to your advantage if it benefits your team. I essentially cut block a kid who was on a fast break in gym class floor hockey a few years back because it looked like he was going to put in the game-winning goal.

The Bruins are doing well this season. Let’s appreciate them for what they are and remember that some people will always hate. There’s not one thing on this earth that all 7 billion plus people agree on.

The moral of the story is: Julien’s opinion doesn’t matter anymore. It’s like how if John Farrell said he didn’t like this Red Sox rotation you might tell him you don’t like him.

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