Chris Simms isn’t a Tom Brady fan, not that it matters

Who is Chris Simms anyways?

The ex-NFL quarterback made a statement no New England Patriots fan would be happy to hear earlier this week on Toucher and Rich. He said he does not believe Tom Brady is a top-five quarterback in the league this year.

OK, so maybe Brady isn’t a top-five quarterback in fantasy football for the simple fact that he’s suspended for the first four games. But to say he’s not one of the five best in the game right now seems kind of absurd. He might not have the best arm (he still has a great one) and he might not be the most mobile, but he’s mentally sound — and hardly ever makes mistakes. Plus, no one makes quicker reads than Brady.

This kind of just goes along with the bias the rest of the country has against the Patriots. It seems strange but at the same time, most people hate the teams that win a lot of games. There’s a reason why the New York Yankees have so many haters (and fans), they have won more World Series championships than anyone. And the Dallas Cowboys were pretty well-hated in the 1990’s when they won three Super Bowls.

Did anyone really hate the Pats when they went 1-15 and used about five different starting quarterbacks in one season? Absolutely not. There was no reason to hate them. They weren’t a threat to anyone — they were just an easy win on everyone’s schedule.

Now, the Patriots are a real threat and the potential Super Bowl champs. Yes, Las Vegas likes the Patriots. That should be more important than Simms’ opinion. Not to mention the Patriots seem like they have one of their better teams in recent memory — even not including quarterback. Even Bill Belichick seems to be happy with the depth this team possesses.

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