Chowdaheadz Top 5 Stocking Stuffers for 2017

Chowdaheadz Top 5 Stocking Stuffers for 2017

Christmas is closing in and you still don’t have stocking stuffers. Lucky for you, we’ve got a ton of options and we’re shipping up until December 20th at noon (see more about shipping deadlines here). But with so many options, what do you get? Here’s 5 options that are perfect for just about anyone on your list. Don’t see something you like? Check out the rest of our Stocking Stuffers here:

1. A Wicked Smaaht Guide to All Thing Boston: The Book by Chowdaheadz

The perfect Coffee Table book for anyone from Boston, living in Boston, or who just really likes Boston. This book covers everything from sports, geography, vocabulary and more. Better yet, it’s only $12.95 so it’ll fit virtually any budget. Click here to get a sneak peek of what’s inside.

2.  Ugly Lobstah Nor’Eastah Knit Hat

Introducing the Winter Hat done the New England Way. Some may say Lobsters are a summer thing, but we couldn’t disagree more. Just about any New Englander will get a kick of of this hat. On top of having a great design, it’s also wicked warm . Don’t like this winter hat? Click here to check out the rest.

3. New England Santa Hat Ornament

New England is the best place to be during the holidays and we thought that deserved to be celebrated. So we made an ornament! This Christmas Ornament features the 6 states of New England wearing a festive Santa Hat. It’s made of durable metal, but is very lightweight so it won’t fall off your tree. P.S. – have you seen our video where each New England state comes to life? Check it out here

4. You Gotta Know Boston Sports Trivia Card Game

If you’re from New England, chances are you have someone on your list that’s a diehard Boston Sports Fan. They’re the ones getting into an argument with Uncle Bob at the dinner table over whether Tom Brady is in fact the GOAT. Make their Christmas and put one of these games in their stocking. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to prove their knowledge or learn things they didn’t know before. Click here for a sneak peek at some of the questions

5. Christmas Sugah Cookie Soy Candle

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh baked cookies during the holidays. And thanks to this candle, you don’t have to do any of the work of actually baking the cookies. Give this candle to anyone who needs an extra dose of Holiday Cheer in their home. As always, this candle is 100% soy and 100% made in the USA. Check out the rest of our candles by clicking here 

BONUS! 6. The Charlie Chowdahead Bottle Opener Ornament

It wouldn’t be Chowdaheadz if we didn’t have something with a bottle opener on it. This Christmas ornament will open up you beer for you. So when you’re sitting on the couch and don’t want to walk all the way to the kitchen, just walk to the tree!

Need some more ideas? Head over to our Stocking Stuffer Collection, or check out our Holiday Gift Guide videos here

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