Celtics won't trade their core guys

Celtics won't trade their core guys

OK, this is a good sign for some Boston Celtics fans out there.

There's been some rumors out there that the team could trade players X, Y or Z in order to upgrade the squad, but it looks like a couple of likeable veteran players are off limits.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst reports that the Celtics have "made it clear to anyone who has asked that their core players are absolutely not available." That includes both Marcus Smart and Gordon Hayward -- which is nice.

Obviously Marcus Smart is a huge asset to the team on defense -- if he did not shoot the ball as much as he does, that would be awesome -- and then Hayward really looked like he could put up some points before he got hurt this year. I know, I know, last year didn't go so well for him, but we did get a taste of what he is capable of as a player and I would definitely like to see more of it. I don't think there's a Celtics fan out there who wouldn't.

The Celtics are off to a great start (11-3 last time I checked which was six minutes ago). Clearly, what they're doing right now is basically working out for them. That puts them on pace to win like 64-65 games (I'm not gonna round down on the Celtics, so that's why I'm including 65 but not outright saying it)…

If the Celtics really do want to make a move, remember, they have that Memphis pick still; it's protected if it's a top six pick and unprotected after that. That said, you know that could be of some value. Look, Memphis is 5-9 to start the year, so you know that's a good sign for anyone who wants the pick.... Could help the C's.

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