Celtics will ease Jaylen Brown into the league

OK. So I think we can all agree: that NBA draft this past June did not go nearly as well as some would have hoped for the Boston Celtics. All those picks and just one guy, who will make the roster. At least it was their top pick: Jaylen Brown. Just don’t expect him to be the next Paul Pierce right away.

In fact, just lower your expectations right away. Will Brown be a starter to start the season? Uhhh… I’m going to go ahead and say no, most likely not. Brown probably starts the season on the bench for the C’s. Why? He was like a totally expensive pick!! Think…

Here’s a good thinking pose:

The Celtics have a solid starting five without Brown. To crack it, he’d need to be an upgrade. And seeing how he’s new, they’re not going to just hand him the job. Even if he’s talented, the NBA is an adjustment. It’s not like Jae Crowder is a detriment. Sure, he might not score like some small forwards. But he’s also young and on the rise. His 14.2 rebounds and 5.1 rebounds per 31.6 minutes per contest weren’t bad.

One has to wonder if Crowder will see the same kinds of minutes — to put up the same sort of numbers this year — with Brown also working to find his way into the action. Even if Brown had his share of shooting woes in college, he does add depth to their team for now. And the hope is he will develop into an everyday contributor. Just think of him as a prospect, who made the team because he can contribute. He makes their team better — even if it’s not their standout right away.

So what’s missing here? Oh yeah, that’s right. Highlights. Here are some Brown college highlights;

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