Celtics want to trade No. 3 pick

Well, it looks like the Boston Celtics know exactly what they want to do with the third overall pick in this year’s NBA draft after countless hours of speculation from basketball minds everywhere.

Reports have been swirling that the Celtics are “aggressively shopping” that third overall pick. Clearly, the Celtics did not like Dragan Bender enough when Danny Ainge made the trip out to Israel to take a look at the big man. It probably means the Celtics will not go after Providence College’s Kris Dunn either. The point guard even said he did not want to be drafted by the C’s. OK then.

Not to mention he would not solve their need for big men.

The Celtics have plenty of draft picks this year and in upcoming years, so it was clear they were going to deal some. The question at hand was: which ones would they keep and which ones would they deal?

Certainly, this helps answer that question at least a little bit. And it shows the Celtics are comitted to winning in the near future. But then again, they made the playoffs this past year and were tied for the third-best record in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. They’re a good team. They’re just trying to be great.

ESPN seems to think the Celtics could really benefit from this year’s draft no matter what they do — because it is such a deep draft. Not only is there talent for them to choose from, but the picks are more valuable to deal because of it.

SB Nation brings up an interesting point about big men being considered less valuable now — comparing them to running backs in the NFL. Let’s be honest, a good offensive line is going to make any running back look good. But most people think that way because passing is more prevelant. That may play a factor. But no running back is gaining yards when they’re swallowed up three yards in the backfield.

If big men really are undervalued, then that plays in the C’s favor — big time.

The NBA draft is June 23 this year and it will air on ESPN.


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