Celtics Players Take A Stand, Participate In Civil-Rights Protests Over The Weekend

Celtics Players Take A Stand, Participate In Civil-Rights Protests Over The Weekend

Jake Archer ·

As I'm sure anyone reading this knows, a lot has been going on in the world in the year 2020, and things have gotten especially hectic in the past week. After the events in Minnesota and the death of an innocent civilian, George Floyd, at the hands of law-enforcement, there has been many emotions and thoughts for everyone in the United States. This blog post is not to talk about what all of this means, but moreso to highlight the fact that players from our very own Boston Celtics are taking a stand and choosing to lead in a time of crisis.

Throughout history, we've seen athletes use their platforms to stand up for what they believe in. Celtics legend Bill Russell comes to mind as one of the most outspoken individuals during the Civil-Rights movement. There's no doubt that he's extremely proud of what today's members of the organization are doing.
Over the weekend, as groups organized to protest the death of Floyd and stand up for equal rights, we saw players like Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Enes Kanter and Vincent Poirier at the forefront. Brown even drove 15 hours south to his home state of Georgia to make his voice heard in Atlanta. Smart, Kanter and Poirier were part of the Boston protest.

Though things are grim right now as we watch terrible things happen and protests turn from peaceful to violent, you have to feel good about the people like Brown, Smart, Kanter and Poirier. These guys represent our country, city, and organization in the right manner. They don't have a responsibility to speak out, but yet they know the importance of it if and when they do. We've seen other examples of these same players being extremely thoughtful, smart, and concientous about the world they live in off the court, so this really comes as no surprise. Still, it's refreshing to see.

When a player like Brown or Kanter can get on social media or out in the streets and promote peace, equal rights and respect amongst human beings, it makes a difference. Fans, especially young ones, look up to these guys as role models and will listen and follow their lead. So without going too far down the rabbit hole and getting into the issues, I just want to say that Boston is lucky to have these guys as athletes, but more importantly as members of our community. 

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