Celtics move their parquet.... to Pembroke

Celtics move their parquet.... to Pembroke

Alright, so this one is a little random, but it is very local (or Wicked Local, as Gatehouse Media would say), but it involves the Boston Celtics so it is definitely a light one worth touching on.

No, this isn't gonna be some super in-depth talk about LeBron James. Here's what we've got for you: the Boston Celtics moved their floor really far away from TD Garden for some reason.

That's right: the parquet floor that the Celtics normally play on is at Pembroke High School right now.



Pembroke? Isn't that Exit 12 on Route 3? Yes. Yes it is. It's like 30 miles away from the Garden, if not more. Why exactly they put it there is a super random spot. But I guess it's getting refinished over the next couple of weeks as they are getting it ready for the upcoming regular season.

Still, this one is quite confusing. Maybe there's some sort of connection. Maybe someone won some kind of a lottery to get it there. No one is allowed to play on it though since it's getting some work done to it.

According to Wicked Local, it arrived at Pembroke High in 264 pieces. The reason it's in Pembroke is because the guy who is the national sports manager the company that refinishes the floor (Bona) happens to live in Pembroke. Apparently, they needed a court big enough to fit the entire Celtics floor and a school willing to let them put it there.

So, in other words, it was convenient for one guy. That's awesome though. I'm sure the people who work at Pembroke High really like it. It's just a shame people can't go into the school and take a look at it. I'd be down to do that and I'm sure I would not be alone either...

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