Celtics are smart to stand pat


The NBA trade deadline came up Thursday and all these rumors flew around to Pluto (dwarf planet, not an actual planet) and back…

So what are the Celtics going to do to get better? Let me think of some random superstah the Celts could get, I’ll call Felger and Mazz and let them know what I think, hopefully Danny Ainge will be listening, take the advice, make the deal and then they’ll win more championship trophies than they have room for in the trophy room. Or — and this is just a suggestion — or, they could do absolutely nothing. Ainge and the Celtics did the latter.

Yeah, that’s right, you must know the Celtics didn’t do anything. Seriously, though, they made the right move. They’re in a good position right now. Second best team in the NBA’s Eastern conference since the Toronto Raptors essentially fell off the face of the planet. Even so, you can’t call the C’s contenders just yet.

As constructed headed into the season, there were only three teams built to win a championship. They were the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. One of those teams is probably going to win it all this year. And hell, I’ll take the Spurs out of it. Either the Cavs or the Warriors are going to win it — probably the Warriors.

Was there a move the Celtics could’ve made this year to put themselves over the threshold without risking their future? They have a ton of picks (like the Brooklyn picks, and Brooklyn is the worst team in the NBA this season, by the way) and money to sign free agents. No point in risking out on the future when they’re honestly in a good spot and could win multiple championships.

For real, they’re rebuilding the right way. The rings will come sooner rather than later — and it’ll be better than the “Big 3” of a decade ago. One ring? Seriously? That was disappointing….


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