Butler, where art thou?

Butler, where art thou?

The New England Patriots honestly played pretty well on Sunday despite taking the loss.

It’s a hard one to even think about at this point but I think we all have the same opinion here: short of murdering someone (or committing some sort of a felony), there is no reason why Malcolm Butler should not have been out on the field on Sunday.

(Considering he did this in a Super Bowl)

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t fair to Eric Rowe either. Not gonna give him hate. The guy played hard, but he didn’t even know he was starting on Sunday. He wasn’t exactly prepared for the biggest game of his life. And along the lines of honesty, the Patriots pass defense was the worst in the AFC this year.

They let up 256.3 passing yards per game during the regular season. Yikes. Yet, for some reason, they figured benching one of their starters who played like 98 percent of the defensive snaps, wouldn’t cost them a Super Bowl? Doubt it.

Not saying Malcolm Butler is some gift from God (or whatever deity you prefer). He didn’t have a very good year this year. Still, there was a reason he was starting. It’s like when you vote for your town selectman. You don’t really like the person you’re picking; they’re just not as bad as the other option (in your opinion). That’s like what Butler was this year: the lesser of two evils.

He wasn’t particularly good and had a bad attitude, but it may have helped the Patriots win.

The thing is now, we’ll never know. Truthfully, I don’t even know if it would’ve made much difference. It just isn’t fun knowing that we’ll never know, especially in a loss like that where Tom Brady was phenomenal. But then again, when isn’t Tom Brady phenomenal? Always is....

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