But the Red Sox are injured!

But the Red Sox are injured!

The Boston Red Sox are a darn good baseball team.

The Red Sox are very good. I think we all know that. Through 17 games, they sit at a beautiful 15-2. They have the best record in baseball. They’re shellacking the heck out of every team they play. It’s a wonderful site. But let’s keep something in mind here: this isn’t even the full Red Sox team!

Sure, the year is going well, but Red Sox fans have every right to make the Yankees excuse. Wah! Wah! This team is really injured and that’s why they’re mediocre. No. The Red Sox are very beat up and yet, they are STILL winning ball games.

Don’t believe me? OK. Let’s analyze…

The Red Sox don’t have their middle infield right now: Xander Bogaerts and Dustin Pedroia. That’s an All-Star caliber shortstop and second baseman. Two guys in their starting lineup aren’t even there. Oh, and Marco Hernandez, who is a fine bench player, is still out. That’s three infielders.

Now, how about the rotation? Oh, you mean the best rotation in baseball so far? They have TWO guys out right now, both of whom were All-Stars in 2016. That’d be Drew Pomeranz (the team’s No. 2 starter last season) and Steven Wright.

Plus. Plus. Plus. Tyler Thornburg! He exists. He’s supposed to be a setup man. OK, so that’s six players who should be on the MLB roster? We’re not even done yet.

Remember, Austin Maddox had a 0.52 ERA in 13 outings last season and Bobby Poyner was supposed to be the lefty out of the bullpen this season and was throwing pretty well (7 IP, 2 ER).

So… that’s eight MLB-caliber players.

But the Yankees! The Yankees are hurt! Boohoo.

The Red Sox are getting it done and not making excuses. That’s what you want to see.

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