Bruins will have some public training camp practices

Remember how it was all cool in late July and early August when the New England Patriots had those free training camp practices open to the public and it built up excitement for the NFL season?

Well, we are fast approaching the time of year where the Boston Bruins do the exact same thing. Yes, you can watch the Bruins practice for free a few times this month.

From the looks of it, their Sunday, Sept. 17 practice through their Wednesday Sept. 28 practices (I think on non-game days) are open to the public. And here’s a look at the complete scheduling for those practices. Don’t worry about the day of game stuff because even if it is open to the public, it’s just their morning skates.

The only reason they have those is to make sure players are awake by a certain time — to make sure they weren’t out partying too late the night before. From what I’ve heard, they can be as short as 10-15 minutes on ice and are really only beneficial for media — which is nice because it makes their jobs a lot easier.

If anyone was wondering what the address for this Bruins practice arena, here it is: 190 Main Street in Wilmington. Also, note only some practices are there and others are at TD Garden.

So what about the regular season, when do they practice then? Sorry, those aren’t open to the public. I mean, I have access to that stuff sometimes — being someone who has covered the Bruins a few times — but it cannot be shared. So what does that mean? Make the most of the opportunities when they arise. If you want to check out a free Bruins practice, there’s a short window to capitalize on the opportunity.

And just remember: the Bruins regular season starts on Oct. 13 on the road against the St. Louis Blues. So yes, it does look like an early winter.

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