Bruins should dump Jimmy Hayes

Let’s play a quick game of would you rather: would you rather hold onto a stock that’s failing to the point where it’s worthless and it’s not worth the space the paper work takes up or would you rather sell it at a loss — and get something back?

If you were smart, you’d probably sell for the loss just because it’s better than nothing. If the Bruins could possibly do something close to that for Jimmy Hayes, that would probably be their best bet.

The guy is from Dorchester. Great. Probably cool for some people who knew him to see him play for the hometown team. But it honestly doesn’t matter if the guy is from Mars or some other exotic place like Wyoming: if he can play the game, he can play the game. And Hayes just isn’t working out in Boston — unlike Pablo Sandoval who has spent his entire offseason covered in sweat on Instagram.

It’s gotten to the point where he’s been a healthy scratch. Yeah, he’s so good they don’t even want him dressing for games anymore. Before that, he was playing about nine minutes a game.

So what’s the point here? Waive this guy. Get rid of him. Use the spot on someone or something more valuable. Is there trade value here? No clue. Probably not. But then again, what’s three points in 34 games worth when he’s not a defenseman — or even an enforcer (see: Shawn Thornton).

Nothing beats seeing Thornton beat up Zac Rinaldo, for obvious reasons.

Hayes a far cry from the guy who put up 19 goals and 16 assists for the Florida Panthers in the 2014-2015 season. But then again, maybe that’s why the Panthers weren’t a great team — because they were relying on Jimmy Hayes for goals.

So yeah, the B’s just need to do what Taylor Swift did to all her exes — except the song part. Can’t imagine there’s enough there for a song about his tenure.

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