Bruins, Pastrnak are long-term now

Well, this was certainly the interesting turn of events.

There was a ton of talk about David Pastrnak and a possible extension. Yesterday (Wednesday), we were hearing that this deal was nowhere close to being done. Neither side was on the same planet. On Thursday, however, we now see that there is a deal in place and that Pastrnak will not have to hold out of Bruins training camp to prove a point or anything of the sort.

Reports are flying in that the two sides agreed to a six-year extension worth $40 million. That’s not quite other sport money, but it is certainly good money for a young player to stay with the NHL team who really needs him.

The Czech born player excelled in a breakout year last year in Boston. He played in 75 games and amassed 70 points on 34 goals and 36 assists. Essentially, he was the Bruins best offensive player if we go on scoring stats. So yeah, he was good.

What’s amazing too is Pastrnak is still only 21 years old. The average 21-year-old in Boston is flipping out right now because they don’t know where they’re going to be working next year or if there will even be a job in their major. Not Pastrnak though. He is about to enter his fourth season in the league, so he is ready to be a valuable piece of the Bruins offense for a long time.

Although they were the perpetrators of deflategate and rarely even cover hockey, ESPN reported the deal is probably going to have some sort of a no trade clause in it. Well, most big contracts do…

The deal makes Pastrnak the third highest paid player on the Bruins. He’s still behind David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron for some reason. He’ll make more money in his career though, so that’s something. 

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