Bruins off to an encouraging start

Judging a book by it’s cover. That’s the old cliche you’re not supposed to do. How about judging a team based off three games? Eh. Not as crazy as it sounds, as long as it’s done within reason.

So yeah, let’s try that with the Boston Bruins. Three games into their season, they’ve honestly looked pretty good. They’re 2-1 and in their two wins, they scored six goals and four goals respectively. How can anyone complain about that? Not really possible.  Not really a simple way to put it, but they just pass the eye test.

For real. Who would think Zdeno Chara is 39 years old. Guess there’s just something about being old and being a face of your team’s franchise in Boston. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, former Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz and Chara. Old guys who look good doing what they do.

It’s also worth noting they’ve done alright even without defenseman Adam McQuaid and center Patrice Bergeron. They’ve been key pieces of this team for the past few years. And they both returned to practice today. That’s a real good sign for this team.

Oh yeah.. And then there’s Brad Marchand. He’s here for the long term. And his contract is looking decent in a ridiculously small sampling. He already has seven points this season (two goals, five assists). Either he’s just on a tear right now or money bought them more production from him. Assume it’s not the latter.

Why’s that now? Both his goals and three of his assists came in their opener. But wow, what a performance. If they showed hockey on Sportscenter, that would have made it on there.

So what are the expectations for this team? Uh. Too early to say. But they look half decent. Probably not Stanley Cup contenders, but not sub par either.

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