Bruins off to a good Round 3 start

Bruins off to a good Round 3 start

This is a huge series for New England sports fans, if you think about it deeply.

In round three of the playoffs, the Boston Bruins now have a huge opportunity: they're playing for a chance to make it to the Stanley Cup. And at the moment, only the former Hartford Whalers, now known as the Carolina Hurricanes, stand in their way.

To someone in Connecticut, that might mean something. Some others might not really think much about it--and some folks might still think the Hartford Whalers are a thing, if they don't really follow hockey.

Anyways, this has the chance to be a good series for the Bruins. On paper, they have the edge right now in the series as they are up 1-0 at the moment. Despite Charlie McAvoy being suspended in the first game of it, the Bruins still took home a 5-2 victory. Needless to say, Tuukka Rask had another solid game in net, making 29 stops on 31 shots on goal.

The Bruins will be at home on Sunday once again for game two so theoretically, their chances of winning that game would be above 50 percent which means it is more probable than not that they could start the series up 2-0. Not to get too ahead of ourselves here, but that also would give them the edge in the series overall. Still, there's a lot of hockey left to be played, but that would be huge to capitalize in the next game, especially with the boost McAvoy's presence will be providing the team.

According to NBCSN, headed into the Hurricanes series, the Bruins had 9/5 odds of winning the Stanley Cup--higher than any other team that is remaining (but still not a clear favorite). So yeah, make of that what you will since it's pretty cool.

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