Bruins name their new radio announcer

I think some of us were getting antsy.

The Boston Bruins season was creeping up, just a couple days away, and no one knew who would be broadcasting the games on 98.5 The Sports Hub yet. That’s right, their radio guy, Dave Goucher, joined the Las Vegas Golden Knights (the new NHL team) as their TV guy after doing the Bruins on radio for 17 seasons. This season, he will be replaced by Judd Sirott. That’s what 98.5 reported today.

If you’re like me (and have no idea who that is), here’s what you need to know: he spent the last decade as the fill-in guy for the Chicago Blackhawks on WGN Radio. Usually, however, he spoke on the pregame, postgame and during intermissions.

He’s not coming in completely cold though; he did call the Chicago Wolves (American Hockey League) for like a decade. With that sort of experience, it’s almost surprising he did not have a full-time NHL job already.

If you’re interested to hear what he sounds like, check out this demo tape:

I mean, whenever I hear an announcer, my first reaction is obvious “he’s not Don”, in reference to Don Orsillo. But once we realize Don isn’t coming back even though he was beloved in Boston, then maybe we can judge new broadcasters on their ability and not just how much we miss Don. But I guess life goes on–especially since he never called a Bruins game.

So the biggest takeaway here is really that Dale Arnold won’t be doing the Bruins broadcast. I mean, he talks about how he did part of a season of radio broadcasting for them like all the time, so at least he still has those memories. Plus, they need to keep him on the radio so I listen to them because sports talk radio is the conspiracy theories of sports.

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