Bruins might do some preseason games… in China

Bruins might do some preseason games… in China

Apparently, the NHL is trying to become the next teen pop sensation.

Sure, they play some hockey games at hockey rinks (that double as basketball courts and Justin Bieber concert venues), but then they started doing the Winter Classic at outdoor venues (baseball fields and football stadiums/Taylor Swift concert venues). Now, they want to take it a step further--or a continent further depending on how you look at it.

So earlier this week, this dude with a blue checkmark comes out and releases this Tweet;



How the heck did that only get nine retweets!? Yeah, so we could be looking at the Boston Bruins playing the Calgary Flames in China or Chiner--depending on if you’re from New York (Yawk) or not.

This is interesting. It’s a good way to expand the hockey market. There’s over a billion people in China, so there’s bound to be a few to like hockey. I mean, we have people here who like to eat dirt, so anything’s possible.

Here’s the key though: this is something they should do early in the preseason if they’re going to do it. I look back at the 2008 Red Sox who had to start their regular season a week early by playing in Japan two regular season games against the Oakland Athletics in March and wonder if it hurt them in the end. They had to go back down to Ft. Myers and finish up spring training after that and played a very long ALCS that they didn’t end up winning against the Tampa Bay Rays. One has to wonder if fatigue had anything to do with that

What’s amazing is there’s actually a women’s pro hockey team in China: the Kunlun Red Star WIH (I don’t know what that means, women’s ice hockey, maybe?) in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. That name is pretty inaccurate considering they have teams in Canada, the US and China. So what’s that have to do with anything? There must be hockey fans/players there and there must be a decent sized venue. As long as it is better than The Metrodome, I guess.

Cool stuff. Looking forward to it.

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