Bruins might benefit from a coaching change

(March 6, 2016 - Source: Joel Auerbach/Getty Images North America)
(March 6, 2016 – Source: Joel Auerbach/Getty Images North America)

It’s kind of been the same old, same old for the Boston Bruins for the past decade.

After a couple of seasons with Marshfield’s own Mike Sullivan, the Bruins decided they had it out for him and hired Claude Julien. It really seemed like the set Sullivan up for failure during that 05-06 season. But this isn’t the time to rant on that. Needless to say, Julien worked out alright for the Bruins.

But the Bruins had talent this year. They really had a pretty strong team. Not to say they were some sort of a Stanley Cup championship caliber team, but it seems hard to believe that they were not a playoff caliber team — a team that should have made the playoffs this past year and the year before that.

Of course, Cam Neely really seems to like Claude. And Claude hasn’t really done anything to warrant being fired. he hasn’t been an issue and he’s coming into next season with a job. One has to wonder how long he will keep it though.

Boston sports guru Dan Shaugnessy (I thought he was a baseball guy?) called for the Bruins to cut ties with him because maybe without him, they would be in a better position.

And to think that the Bruins could have signed Sullivan before last season like Pittsburgh did. His attitude has served him well as he has gotten the best out of a lot of veteran players who had been under performing. Just imagine what Jimmy Hayes would have been doing with Sully or some other coach with high expectations for his players in charge.

Those who like Julien remember now: who was the Red Sox manager for nearly a decade? Terry Francona. They wo a World Series without him so the Bruins can win a cup without Julien.

I hear Mike Milbury is available. He seems like a good… just kidding.

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