Bruins getting some jersey redesigns

Throughout the course of any NHL season, the Boston Bruins will wear a few different sweaters. How do I know this? Their pregame notes will always say what their record is in said jersey and how many games they’ll wear it for. Anyways, they’ll look a little different this year around…

The website dedicated to logos, jerseys, hats, etc––reports that more than a dozen (so at least a baker’s dozen) teams are getting their jerseys redesigned by Adidas for the 2017-2018 NHL season, better known as next season.

Now, what the change is, they don’t say. The site doesn’t actually seem to know that information and if they do, they’re keeping it classified. But, let’s be honest, if they knew, they’d probably be spewing it all over the internet because they’re a good site and people come from all walks of the internet to them for information on these sorts of things.

Not sure about you, but I thought the Bruins jerseys are pretty good as is. It’s not like they’re the Maryland Terps or the Oregon Ducks and could use a completely new look because the one they have going on is pretty hideous.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with being bald. We all know plenty of people who are. Plus, George Costanza was…

The logos site made some predictions on how the Bruins might change their jerseys and it came down to minor details. Potentially, they could change the font on the back of the jerseys, or they could add some stripes to the jerseys. I mean, technically, they could release all new jerseys, but why would they? It’s not broke, so don’t fix it. You know? Or, since it’s hockey: eh?

The Bruins are the only Original Six team listed that is expected to undergo any sort of jersey change (random, I know, yes, but this is what the inverted pyramid style of writing calls for. I didn’t make the rules, I just enforce ’em).

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