Bruins gearing up for the Stanley Cup

Bruins gearing up for the Stanley Cup

So basically, if the Boston Bruins have a winning record for the rest of the season, they're gonna be the Stanley Cup champs.

Nah, that's not a jinx. We are stating facts only right here and you know what they say: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the hot tub. But yeah, the Bruins will be taking on the St. Louis Blues next week in the finals.

So here's a valid concern one might bring up: is the layover going to be a problem for the Bruins? They legit have no games this week, so it's not like they're in the same groove of winning hockey games they were last week. It might not matter, but it's something to be thinking about. It might actually not be as big of a factor though since the Blues wrapped up their series on Tuesday, so Stanley Cup game one on May 27 is six days after their last contest.

Oddshark seems to like the Bruins in this series; the moneyline is -165 favoring the Bruins. If one were to pick the Blues, then they'd have +135 odds. It's hard to explain what that means to people who don't understand it. But essentially, the Bruins are favored to win the series with about a 60 percent chance.

It's worth noting these teams actually went head-to-head in the 1969-1970 Stanley Cup Finals--and the Bruins swept the Blues. Now, that's kind of just thrown in there as a historical fact. It might shock you to know they don't have any of the same players anymore.

Oh yeah, and the Bruins are holding a scrimmage against themselves on Thursday night at TD Garden--which should be fun for those in attendance.
We shall see what happens in the finals; just remember what Vegas is saying.