Bruins can (kind of) now be live-streamed on a phone app

Some people like go out in public and stuff.

I am not one of those people but if I was, then I’d give NESN some credit. They’re making it easier than ever to watch Boston Bruins games on your mobile device when you are out and about.

This is true because the company, who fired Don Orsillo, has their NESN go app which they introduced over the summer so fans could watch their channel on the go. They marketed the hell out of this during their Red Sox games and now they’re trying to promote it for their Bruins games, and rightfully so. They agreed to terms with the NHL to allow the Bruins broadcasts to be watched using the app in New England (except in Fairfield County, Connecticut, which is in the NYC Metro area).

In order to access these games via the app or on NESN.Go, you must have a TV provider login to prove you are actually paying for the service.

Here is a list of companies that allow for it:

Atlantic Broadband




Full Channel


Playstation Vue



Waitsfield Cable
But not Verizon! (I don’t care about Time Warner Cable because it’s not my provider)

See, now that’s complete garbage. The cable and internet industries are a complete monopoly, so our options are limited oftentimes based off where we live. So this app is only helpful if you live in one of those areas where you can get one of those providers.

Plus, you kind of need unlimited data to get the most out of it. I can’t just live stream a 2.5 hour long Bruins game on my phone without: killing the battery, killing my data plan and annoying whoever I am out with…

You could go somewhere with WiFi but if a place has public WiFi (or private WiFi they let you access), then there’s a chance they have a TV you can watch the game on too.

Not to mention it’s easy as blogging (because let’s be honest, making pie is hard) to find a free (but illegal but you wouldn’t get caught anyways) live stream of a game online. Definitely not ethical. But then again, neither is not letting Verizon customers–who pay a lot of money for some stupid triple play package with really slow internet–watch the game. 

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