Bruins ain’t contenders

Ready for me to burn your eyes with a scorching hot take? Actually no, not really in the position to make those in hockey — or ever. This isn’t the radio or one of those blogs that gives you hot takes except when it calls for umpires to be fired (but hey, those were some pretty lousy calls).

OK, back to the Bruins: yeah, they’re probably not going anywhere this season. What? Yeah, (your first name), they’re not going to win the Stanley Cup. They’re not going to make it to the Stanley Cup. They’re not going to make it to the Eastern Finals. Honestly,  they won’t even make it to the round before that, whatever the heck that one is called.

That’s not a shot at the Bruins though. It just questions if they’re built to win a championship, and it doesn’t look to be the case. There’s talent, yes. They’re just not the best team

They might be a little better than they appear though when you consider they’re 1-9-2 when someone not named Tuukka Rask is starting in goal. Even that doesn’t make up for Brad Marchand shouldering the offensive load while other guys sit back and watch.

So what about Claude Julien? The guy has been around forever. A lot of people are saying if he makes the playoffs, he should stay. If the B’s miss out FOR THE THIRD STRAIGHT YEAR, then he should get fired.

For real though, he’s been here over a decade and they’re not a perennial cup threat, might as well make the switch and see if they can do something better under someone else. He’s not a bad coach, but he alone isn’t going to win these guys a championship. Just look at Doug Weight and what he’s done for the Isles. Sometimes, the change makes a lot of difference.

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