Brock Holt in line for big playing time

HoltBrock Holt has been kind of getting ignored so far this spring. He’s hitting right about what he should and hasn’t really done anything to stand out. But that’s really a good thing.

Manager John Farrell seems confident in Holt’s ability and today, he dropped Holt’s name as a possibility to start in left field. He’s also started in left field today for the second straight day. So much for Rusney Castillo.

Holt had a .701 OPS against right-handers last year and he doesn’t ground out nearly as much as Castillo. With his lack of power, Holt does not seem to be a tremendous choice in left field, a spot which has been occupied by the likes of Ted Williams, Carl Yastremzki, Jim Rice and Manny Ramirez in Boston. But Holt is a sound defender in left field. Everywhere else, he’s probably fringe average.

Farrell said it remains to be seen exactly how playing time is divided in left field. He said it won’t be a “strict platoon”. But he mentioned Castillo, Holt, Chris Young and Travis Shaw. Now that’s a lot of people for one position.

Now remember who you’re dealing with. This is Brock Holt. He plays absolutely everywhere — except the batteries.

On the Red Sox unofficial depth chart, Holt is listed as a backup at most positions. Oddly enough, he’s not listed in left field. But then again, when David Murphy retires tomorrow like he promised (yeah, we’ll see about that one), Holt has to be lifted up on that depth chart.

After all, Young and Castillo are both righties whose OPS’ against righties started with a five last season — well over 100 points below the league average.

With Dustin Pedroia good for a trip to the disabled list a year now, Holt should see plenty of action at second base at some point.

Travis Shaw has really stolen some of Holt’s thunder. But that’s not a bad thing at all…


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