Brandon Marshall mad the Patriots are so good

Brandon Marshall mad the Patriots are so good

Brandon Marshall isn’t happy.

He’s not happy because the New England Patriots are good. On something called “Inside the NFL”, Marshall unleashed his feelings onto everyone.

“The league is not competitive,” Marshall said. “We all should be ashamed. Even you guys covering them on TV should be ashamed. Players should be ashamed, coaches should be ashamed, owners should be ashamed. How do we let these guys do this year in and year out? Congratulations. You guys are phenomenal. You can’t get any better. But how do 31 other organizations let this happen? I know Ray (Lewis) is going to say, ‘I won a Super Bowl. I did my job.’ You should have won five.”

Uh… Did he really say Ray Lewis should have won five Super Bowls? Well, that would have been hard because the New England Patriots were really good at the time Lewis played in the NFL. Plus, people would’ve hated Lewis even more if he was a perennial Super Bowl winner. If they got Tom Brady for deflated footballs, imagine what they would do to a guy who allegedly murdered someone and destroyed the evidence.

But yeah, to Marshall’s point, do better NFL. Oh wait, that requires a great front office and player development and all that. Some teams honestly should’ve just offered the Patriots like $100 million for Bill Belichick if they really wanted to break up the dynasty. Imagine how funny it would’ve been when the Patriots said no.

A lot of the country thinks like Marshall. Only like five states out of 50 want the Patriots to win the Super Bowl (not Vermont and CT, but North Dakota is on team Patriots).

But you know what? If the Patriots win again, it doesn’t really impact that massage therapist in Iowa’s life that much anyways. I really care what Ken Bone thinks.

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