Brad Marchand reaches HUGE scoring milestone

What an achievement for Brad Marchand.

This has to make him one of the best players in Boston Bruins history. Sure, that might annoy a lot of people, who will swear that any player under the age of 60 can't be as good as the guys back in the day, but seriously. From a statistical standpoint, there is evidence of Marchand's greatness.

In the team's Tuesday night game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Marchand became the first B in 16 seasons to reach the 100 point threshold. Joe Thornton was the last guy to do it before him.

Marchand got there by assisting a David Pastrnak goal in the third period of the Bruins 6-2 trouncing.

Marchand, who has 36 goals and 64 assists on the season, has appeared in 79 of the Bruins 80 games so far this season. He is coming off back-to-back 85 goal seasons so yeah, he is kind of crushing it as of late.

Here's what he told the media about scoring his 100th point of the season.

"It's a special moment, and I owe it all to [linemates Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrnak] and obviously would not have done it without the group," Marchand told NBC Sports. "I appreciate everything we've been able to do together. We're having a lot of fun."

And he's humble about it. That's huge. He could've just talked about how he is having a great season and he feels great and great, great, great, great, great. But, he made sure to make it about the team--and not himself. In sports, that's what you want to see from a guy--unless it's a sport like golf where there are no teammates.

But yeah, definitely a great achievement for Marchand. Hopefully, he can keep that stick going in the postseason as well. They'll need it.