Brad Marchand reaches HUGE scoring milestone

Brad Marchand reaches HUGE scoring milestone

What an achievement for Brad Marchand.

This has to make him one of the best players in Boston Bruins history. Sure, that might annoy a lot of people, who will swear that any player under the age of 60 can't be as good as the guys back in the day, but seriously. From a statistical standpoint, there is evidence of Marchand's greatness.

In the team's Tuesday night game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Marchand became the first B in 16 seasons to reach the 100 point threshold. Joe Thornton was the last guy to do it before him.

Marchand got there by assisting a David Pastrnak goal in the third period of the Bruins 6-2 trouncing.

Marchand, who has 36 goals and 64 assists on the season, has appeared in 79 of the Bruins 80 games so far this season. He is coming off back-to-back 85 goal seasons so yeah, he is kind of crushing it as of late.

Here's what he told the media about scoring his 100th point of the season.

"It's a special moment, and I owe it all to [linemates Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrnak] and obviously would not have done it without the group," Marchand told NBC Sports. "I appreciate everything we've been able to do together. We're having a lot of fun."

And he's humble about it. That's huge. He could've just talked about how he is having a great season and he feels great and great, great, great, great, great. But, he made sure to make it about the team--and not himself. In sports, that's what you want to see from a guy--unless it's a sport like golf where there are no teammates.

But yeah, definitely a great achievement for Marchand. Hopefully, he can keep that stick going in the postseason as well. They'll need it.

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