Boston Harbor Island Hopping

Boston is popularly known for its history and for being the largest city of New England. But, the small islands close to the city are one of the major locations for recreation. Not too far from the city, there are places such as Peddock and Georges Islands that offer free live music on the streets. And the rest of the Boston Harbor Island offers transportation service, as well as different adventure sports such as Kayaking. So, if you’re in the greater Boston area or simply visiting then make sure you take some time out for Boston Harbor Island hopping and enjoy the experience.

You’ll find ferries that go to six of 34 islands, but there are only two that are dedicated for visitors. Among the many islands at Boston Harbor, one of the closest to downtown Boston is called Hilly Spectacle. This island is filled with beaches, events like jazz concerts, clambakes and yoga opportunities. And you can also find a stunning star-shaped fort that is almost as big as the island at the main ferry hub of Georges. This fort is historically significant as it was during the civil war in the 1800s.

Camping and hiking are other two popular activities at Boston Harbor Islands, and it is easily the largest open recreation space in eastern Massachusetts. These activities are mainly popular among the visitors rather than the locals. The Islands have special programs like Yoga at Spectacle Island which caters to the fitness and wellness interests of visitors.

Besides this, the boat ride to Little Brewster Island, passing by the Boston Harbor National Park, is considered a very exciting part of the trip. Apart from this, the first ever lighthouse also attracts a lot of visitors. And after all this, you can still enjoy your own picnic lunch with a gorgeous view of the harbor from its most recognized gateway.

But, if you prefer to sit back and just relax, there are tons of beaches and many other activities such as fishing and boating. The Boston Harbor has an area of 50 square miles of waterfront which includes classic New England shorelines, cruising, sailing and paddling. The spectacle island and lovells island have the best beaches in the area.

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