Bill Lee running for governor in Vermont

And you thought this year’s presidential election campaign was odd.

Former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee has made a name for himself making public appearances and pitching in a men’s league despite being way past his prime. But now, he wants a shot in the political realm — as governor of Vermont.

Lee appears to be running as part of the Liberty Union party (very far left), the same party Bernie Sanders got his start with some 600 years ago — before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

The Sanders comparisons have to flock in because he’s another crazy old dude from Vermont. But in reality, he’s that perfect mix of Donald Trump and Sanders. He has Sanders’ sanity and Trump’s political experience. That’s a one-two punch right there.

Not to be all political, but I’m just going to take a guess and say he is in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Right now, y’all reading about Lee are probably like this:

But it’s not even a joke. Check this out: it was on TV news in Vermont.

Lee ran for president of the United Stats back in 1988 as a member of the Rhinocerus Party. He didn’t win though.

Good one, dad!

When he was running for president in 1988 and when he has reflected on it since, Lee has said a lot of ridiculous things but then again, a lot of politicians say a lot of stupid things. No word as to whether or not Lee would build a wall around Quebec though.

Don’t speak English but somehow made it this far down the post? I have no idea how you did that. But it’s cool, here’s an article in French about it.

One last thing: I just wanted to throw in that Lee ocassionally threw an eephus pitch. I threw that in there for the benefit of the younger readers who might not have ever seen Lee pitch.

What’s an eephus you ask? It’s that thing Vicente Padilla and Casey Fossum did. Was actually talking to a friend of mine, who covers some Yankees games, about Fossum and how the eephus pitch is pointless. Case and point:

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