Bill Belichick still the champ of press conferences

There’s a reason why Bill Belichick has had so much success in the NFL and on top of that, there’s a reason why his off the field behavior is so well documented. He just is who he is at this point and that’s all he will ever be.

There’s a formula to a Belichick interview and if you don’t know what it is by now, start paying closer attention to it and you might just pick up on it. With that in mind, this year, the New England Patriots didn’t submit any rule change requests to the NFL. For some reason, someone figured that meant they should ask Belichick “why?” And you know why?

“We love the rules the way they are. Yeah, we don’t want to change them,” he told the herd of media at minicamp.

Well? What they heck were they expecting him to say? Gee, uh, mr. media sir, I would really like for this to happen but I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I didn’t put in a request. Nah, he’s an honest guy. He gives honest answers. That’s not really his job though. His job is to win football games. Oh well…

When asked about the change in the rule when it comes to leaping over the long snapper to block kicks, obviously, Belichick wasn’t a fan of that one because it infringes on his team’s strategy. But simply, he said his team won’t do it. Seriously, why would they? It’s against the rules.

And then there’s the overtime thing: shortening it from 15 minutes to 10 minutes before calling it a tie. But then again, when can you remember the Patriots tying under Belichick? So yeah, not even worth asking him about, but he still got asked about it and he essentially said it’s shorter now. Indeed it is. Indeed it is….

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