Best Red Sox game of the season? Yes

Best Red Sox game of the season? Yes

OK. That was truly epic.

Remember that terrible London game which Rick Porcello pitched against the New York Yankees? I'd honestly say this routing makes up for it.

On Thursday night, the Red Sox played the best game they had all year. It was great.

The Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees by a score of 19-3. That's right: they scored 19 runs against what is supposed to be the best team in the American League.

Masahiro Tanaka let up 12 runs -- which is funny because he also got shelled by the Red Sox in the London series. The Red Sox are gonna end up costing this guy millions of dollars because he's had two bad starts against them, I'm willing to bet.

Tanaka's ERA literally jumped from 4 to 4.79. Do you know what his ERA was before the London game? 3.21. So, he was one of the best starters in baseball before he got Red Sox'd.

Still, the Red Sox are 10 games back in the standings as of Friday morning, but talk about a morale killer for the Yankees.

The best part of the game Thursday night might've been the fact that the Red Sox just didn't give a damn. The Yankees put Austin Romine into pitch and he let up a pair of bombs. I was really hoping the Red Sox would chase him out of the game or make him throw 50 pitches or something. Make the Yankees position player really suffer.

The Red Sox are in the midst of a 14 game stretch where they only play the Yankees and Rays. It's the most difficult part of their schedule but also the most crucial. It could make or break their season, and we will find out which of the two it is sooner rather than later.

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