Ben Affleck Makes Hilarious Video To Get New Hampshire Residents To Vote

Remember when Ben Affleck was just a kid from Boston who co-wrote and starred in a little movie called Good Will Hunting? Before he was Batman or a Hollywood A-lister, he was our very own hometown-boy-made-good.

Affleck reprised his role as an average New Englander for a hysterical Funny or Die video urging Granite State residents to register to vote.  New Hampshire has four electoral votes and is considered a key state in this year’s election.


With a messy beard, down vest and untucked flannel shirt, Benny “The Sweet One” O’Callahan – commonly known as Ben Affleck – unleashed his best Boston accent to persuade residents of “his little bruthah to the North” to cast their votes this November 8.

“I’m from Boston and Boston is in New England, which means that New Hampshire is just like my kid brother. I love New Hampshire.”


Standing in front of a green screen that shows New Hampshire’s notable landmarks like covered bridges and Mount Monadnock, Affleck rattles off all of the amazing adventures to be had across the state. For example, gettin’ romantic while watching the leaves change colah or going to town hall and gettin’ political by registering to vote in the presidential election.

Affleck goes on to praise “New Hampshirians” as too good for this election, noting that they don’t even yell at you when driving in their cahs – at least not North of Manchester.


He briefly breaks character only once, to berate the writers for using the word “curse” which is off limits to any self respecting Sox fan.

Check out the full video below, and if you “care about the environment and s**t” get out and vote November 8!

Hey New Hampshire, Let’s Vote! with Ben Affleck from Funny Or Die
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