Believe in this Patriots team — and Jimmy G

Everything pointed to the New England Patriots losing week one to the Arizona Cardinals. But they didn’t, winning 23-21.

This tweet puts it best:

Yeah there was a lot going against the Patriots. But man, what a game yesterday. All I can say is what a game. Jimmy G. is for real. Guy looked like one of the best QB’s in the game. It’s only one game. But still… How many guys can just jump into a complex offense like the Patriots and have a game like Garoppolo had?

Yeah, he completed 24 of his 33 pass attempts for 262 yards and a touchdown. That’s without Rob Gronkowski and a few key linemen. His throws were quick like Tom Brady which has to make fans feel good about the next few weeks — even if Brady isn’t playing.

Just remember, no matter how good he is, Tom Brady is only one player. He’s a great football player. But even without him, the Patriots have a great team. They always have. They were able to win with Matt Cassel at quarterback. You know what his record is as a starting quarterback outside of New England? 25-39.

This Monday morning after the Pats big win has been though. I assume there’s people on 98.5 and WEEI talking about Jimmy G and how he should be the regular for the rest of the year. And if there is, then they need to calm down.

It is amazing to think the Pats have a guy who can step in and play the way Jimmy G. did — even if it is one game. He’s got at least three more starts this season, so it will be interesting to see what he can do and what the Patriots have in a potential Brady successor. Just don’t call it a Brady-Drew Bledsoe situation after one game.

Yeah, these Patriots are in good hands regardless.

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