Battleship Cove Experience

The Battleship Cove is a museum with the world’s biggest collection of the Second World War’s naval vessels. It is also war memorial dedicated to the country’s history, honoring the National Landmarks and the patriots who helped preserve them. All of which make a Battleship Cove experience.

The most exciting part of the Battleship Cove is its exhibits. Their exhibits include USS Massachusetts, USS Lionfish, USS Fall River, USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr, Hiddensee and the PT Boats. All of these pieces hold significant historic importance in the history of the United States of America. The Battleship Cove has been making history fun for kids and for adults with ships, cruises, corvettes and museums to explore.

Located at 5 Water Street, Fall River, many educators, teachers, students, school groups, families and individuals visit the museum from all over the country. Many graduates volunteer and intern in education at Battleship Cove to provide tours and deliver programs. People also visit the museum for an overnight stay. The Battleship Cove offers scout, youth, and school group nautical nights, family nautical nights and girl scouts overnights. Camping here at the maritime camping program is super affordable and educational. Reasonable prices for delicious food are available at the Al Mac’s Diner on the Pier and the USS Massachusetts.

The museum remains open seven days a week through April to December, and only on weekends through January to March. It remains closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make sure you call the museum before going, to ensure the memorial’s accessibility. With different rates for children, adults, seniors and military, your Battleship Cove experience will be worth every penny you spend!

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