At least three Patriots (likely) named in PFF Top-50 countdown

At least three Patriots (likely) named in PFF Top-50 countdown

Well this is pretty good news, it means they have a pretty good team this season.

The New England Patriots have at least three players on Pro Football Focus' top-50 players list headed into the 2019 season. So far, the list for No. 50 to No. 11 has been revealed but so far, it's been very good for the Patriots. If you think about it, most teams should only really have one or two guys on it. So, if a team has more than that, they're doing fantastic.

Alright, so let's break it down:

No. 50: Shaq Mason -- This really isn't a surprise, even if he is overlooked at times. Mason has been an incredibly valuable guard for the duration of his NFL career. It's hard to really explain this sometimes because there's really an eye test when it comes to linemen, but PFF tried to put it into some numbers.

Here's what they said, "Not only did his impact run-block percentage (15.0%) lead all guards, but he also ranked tied for sixth in PFF’s pass-blocking efficiency metric (98.3) and tied for eighth in pressure percentage allowed (3.2%)."

No. 14: Stephon Gilmore -- Sure, he struggled in his first season with the Patriots, but the defensive back has really turned things around.

Here's the PFF quote on him, "Gilmore ranks fourth in completion percentage allowed (50.3%), second in forced incompletion percentage (26.7%) and 11th in passer rating allowed (73.2)."

No. ?: Tom Brady -- OK, so Tom Brady hasn't been named on the list yet and he is the greatest quarterback of all-time, so he has to be on it. If he's not, then we riot. That bum Aaron Rodgers was in the top-20 and Brady is better than him so yeah, don't be shocked when TB12 himself is ranked like No. 1 on the whole damn list.