Astronomy through the Observatory

For people who love the idea of stargazing, or simply want to learn more about planets and stars, the Coit Observatory will satiate your appetite! The Judson B. Coit Observatory at Boston University offers great wednesday evenings for astronomy through the observatory. The setup is perfect: multiple Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, each about eight inches, set up at the rooftop allowing 70 people to enjoy the beauty of the sky.

The Coit Observatory offers the public an open night every wednesday evening, starting 7:30 pm during winter and fall, and 8:30 pm during summer and spring. The observatory is open throughout the year except on days when the weather does not cooperate. You can contact their information number and secure yourself a spot for some astronomy through the observatory.

The observatory is open for about an hour long guided by the Boston University’s astronomy department. The guides are great and provide all the participants with ample information about the stars, constellations, planets and everything else. Thanks to the Earth’s rotation, they offer something new to look at every few months. So, if you’ve been there earlier you can enjoy astronomy from a different angle now!

There are many other observatories, located in Massachusetts, that offer a public telescope viewing, but most aren’t open all year long like the Coit Observatory. The first step towards enjoying the public open night is locating the observatory. The Coit Observatory is on the fifth floor of one of the Boston University buildings, located at 725 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

Whether you have romanticized the about the night sky or not, wednesday public open nights at Coit Observatory is a must-go-to experience if you’re in the greater Boston area. An evening dedicated to learning about astronomy, viewing constellations and planets is waiting to unfold each Wednesday at the Coit Observatory!

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