An update on the Red Sox hunt to replace Dombrowski

An update on the Red Sox hunt to replace Dombrowski

So here is a good question: who will end up replacing Dave Dombrowski as the Red Sox President of Baseball Operations?

It looks like we may have a little more information on that situation now, according to Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe. In a situation like this, he might have some inside info we don't have because, you know, the special relationship John Henry has with the Boston Globe -- owning the whole darn thing.

In all likelihood, as The Globe reports, the candidate is going to come from within the organization. This makes narrowing it down pretty easy. They name a few different candidates -- like assistant general managers Eddie Romero, Zack Scott and Brian O'Hallaran in addition to Senior Vice President of Major League and minor league operations Raquel Ferreira.

Of the bunch, Romero is the most prominent name within the organization, so that would probably be their guy if they end up going that route. I kind of like the four person team making these sorts of decisions, but not too sure how it would work out in the long run.



However, it's no guarantee that this is what the Red Sox are going to end up doing. They still have options outside of the organization. As John Heyman of MLB Network points out, guys like Jed Hoyer of the Chicago Cubs and Amiel Sawdaye of the Arizona Diamondbacks are familiar with the organization, so maybe a match could be made there.

There are a lot of options here as to who the team could have making the moves for them in the coming years. It's good they went ahead and decided to get out in front of this whole thing before every team started pursuing guys to fill this kind of role for them. Maybe the early head start helps the team find a great one.

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