Alex Cora drank alcohol once, get over it

Alex Cora drank alcohol once, get over it

Oh no. Big news for the Boston Red Sox. Bad news.

Alex Cora drank alcohol once. Fire him ASAP.

Yeah. That’s right. We’ve gotten that bleak into the offseason where absolutely nothing has happened to the Red Sox. You know what happens when nothing happens though, right? People just start making stuff up so they have something to talk about. That’s kind of where the narrative that the 2017 Red Sox weren’t likable and that David Price is a bad teammate came from. But yeah, Cora is the new target.

Apparently, Alex Cora got mad at a Houston Astros broadcaster this past season in late August after drinking on a bus or something along those lines.
You know what? I don’t care. When guys are together for long days with few breaks for 8 months, they’re gonna get pissed off at each other. I also guarantee this wouldn’t have come out if the Red Sox had actually done something this offseason. For Pete’s sake, just sign Steve Selsky again or something.

I guess no one is allowed to get mad or do anything that isn’t angelic without catching flak for it. Well, not everyone is a perfect human being, so let’s stop holding others to some impossible standard.

I saw Evan Drellich, who wrote the original article, on his phone during the National Anthem at a baseball game one time. Does that mean he has to leave the country? No. I thought it was disrespectful, but that’s his choice–and he still has a job. There are pictures of him drinking alcohol on the internet and I’m sure he’s done something he regrets.

Let’s also factor in that Houston had just been hit by a Hurricane at the time Cora was upset.

Lesson here is the glass house stones cliche. OK? Let’s just keep this offseason going then….

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