Adam McQuaid starts November with a bang

What’s the best way to start a new month?

A win. Yeah. That might be nice. And the Boston Bruins did win their first game this month. But individually, what do you want from a player? Goals? No. Even better. Many assists? No. That’s a step back. How about a nice fight? Yeah. A guy really pounding another guy is always nice.

If that’s how you want to start a month, then honestly, Adam McQuaid is having a tremendous month. On Tuesday night, he had quite the scrap. And yes, there’s video of it.

If that doesn’t put McQuaid in the MVP voting, I don’t what will. Let’s be honest, his play probably wont because there’s better players in the league than him

Honestly, why go for the cheap shot if you don’t even know how to back it up with your fists?

That’s probably one of the best Bruins fights in recent memory. McQuaid had an excellent advantage there, getting his opponent up against the wall like that. Even though the refs were right there, he pounded Shane Harper’s face ’til the guy fell down. What’s the moral there? Don’t poke the bear.

Other than that, what kind of a year is McQuaid having, one might ask. Well, here’s the breakdown: He’s played in four games this year and doesn’t have a goal or an assist yet. Yet is the key word there. Everyone knows the defenseman isn’t going to rack up a ton of either of those, but he’s going to serve his purpose and that’s what the Bruins want. Plus, it’s not bad to have a guy or two on the roster who can fight.

You know who else likes to fight? Shawn Thornton. And here’s a video of him giving it to everyone’s favorite Bruins player ever, Zac Rinaldo.

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